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Is Childers an Obamacrat

EJ Dionne via The Cap Times: Few Republicans will go that far. But Democrat Travis Childers’ May 13 victory in a Mississippi district that had given 62 percent of its vote to President Bush in 2004 caused something of a nervous breakdown in GOP ranks, breeding a crisis of confidence among Republicans in the party’s consulting establishment and national leadership.

It was the third Republican special election loss in a row, all in House districts the party had counted as its own. It was the second time in less than two weeks that a big-money advertising campaign aimed at linking a conservative Democrat to Obama had failed.

It should be remembered that Childers is no Obamaocrat for two reasons.

He ran as a proud gun-toting, pro lifer. When attacked by the Republicans as keeping company with the likes of Wright and Obama he responded with an ad stating , I do not know nor have never known this Obama guy you refer to. The New York Times in a recent piece on the Democratic troubles of winning referred to him as a Blue Dog. Many liberals refer to them as Bush Dogs because they vote with Bush so often.

There is another important reason Childers is no Obamacrat. Childers ran on an economic populist platform of no more NAFTA’s. Childers even went to the extent of signing a pledge that barred him from voting for any trade agreements in the next 6 years. Eyes on Trade has a little piece on him in reference to the fair trade coalition in congress.

Lets, hope that he doesn’t flake like some other “fair traders” and simply be populist at election time, and a Blue Dog the rest of the year.


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