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CNN Read Your Exit Polls

CNN Political Ticker:
(CNN) — Even in a state Hillary Clinton appears to have won by 35 points, a majority of Kentucky voters say the New York senator attacked Barack Obama unfairly.

I really wish CNN would read their own exit polling. While it is true that 54% of voters felt Clinton had attacked unfairly, it is just as true that 49% of Kentucky voters felt Obama attacked unfairly. Of that 49% who felt Obama attacked unfairly, 76% were Clinton supporters.

While there is a chunk 9% and 15% respectively who felt either Obama or Clinton only attacked unfairly, they are a pretty partisan group with hovering around 90% of either candidates supporters. The larger groups of voters felt they both attacked unfairly or neither attacked unfairly.

What about race. I am sure eventually the Obama news apparatus will bring out the race meme. You know those white, hill billy, redneck, white trash, Kentuckians just didn’t want to vote for Obama because he’s a black man.

It looks like there is this group (18%) who say the race of the candidate is important to them, but the vast majority stated it had no effect. In fact, proportionally there is no difference in how black and white voters answered this question. Again, once more, every demographic besides race went strongly for Clinton. It didn’t matter if it was gender, income, education, issues, or age, voters supported Hillary over Obama.

What I found the most interesting was heavily Democratic counties went for Clinton by over a 90% margin. These were the counties that went for Gore in 2000, and even Kerry in 2004. It does not say much for Obama that he can only squeeze out 10% of the Democratic votes (a closed primary mind you) in those strongly Democratic counties.


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  1. PBS also played the racism card while demeaning Clinton’s landslide victory in Kentucky. The commentator stated that 72% of white Kentuckians voted for Clinton, as evidence of an alleged racial bias. However, 65.1% of all Kentuckians voted for Clinton anyway. In addtion, 68% of the combined Clinton-Obama votes went to Clinton.

    So 68% of those votes went to Clinton,
    vs. 72% of white votes going for Clinton.

    Big deal.

    So 6% more whites voted for Clinton than did all Kentucky voters combined. This is a pathetic case for the Obama camp to whine about, when blaming racism for Clinton’s victory in Kentucky.

    But of course, crybaby Obama and his cultists never let the facts get in the way of their arguments.

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    Good point. From my experience, there are more “racial voters” in the Obama camp than Clinton’s. When you got Jessee Jackson screaming on his radio show about Check Cashing stores and sub prime lending, and then supports Obama you can’t tell me that is not a racial vote. Or when you got all those white liberals who voted for him because “he is so articulate” you again can’t tell that is not a racial vote. Or when John Forbes Kerry states that having Obama as president will tell the world we are not a bunch of racists.

    If you look at this election objectively; interest rate caps, sub prime lending, health care, trade, immigration etc… Obama will be the most destructive to African Americans.

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