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I honestly can not think of any other word for it. Years ago, I read a lot of Gramsci which offered brilliant descriptions of fascism in action. It was not so much that these thugs who beat up union members, peaceniks, and socialists were following orders from top down, yet nevertheless their terrorism was essential to the fascist state.

Now it would be unfair to suggest that Obamafacism even remotely carries out the physical thuggery of Gramsci’s Italy, but their rhetoric and faux outrage does share similarities. The most recent is the character assassination of Hillary Clinton in regards to her reference of RFK. Prior to dealing with the lies and distortions of the Obamafacists, lets examine reality.

Here are some responses from Obamafacists via Cannonfire.

This Bitch has really done it now!!

HRC’s intention is clear: Some RW gunman, lone or not, *could* make an attempt on Mr. Obama’s life

“Bitch” is too kind a word to describe this megalomaniac.

Yes, I know the anonymity of the web brings out all sort of Obamafacists. Renee from Crawford’s Take recently wrote how her post was blocked from River Daughter. I go to this site daily and have always found them fair. While it is a site for Clinton supporters they welcome honest dialog, even from Obamabots and Naderites like me. It seemed strange that Renee’s post would be taken down. Here is a reference to her post.

Renee”, watch the video (Argus Leader link above). She does *not* say that she is waiting for Obama to get assassinated. She first mentions her husband’s and then RFK campaign going through June. Stop smearing Hillary with distortions. Don’t the obamabots have numerous blogs where they can vent their Freudian psychodrama rage? Not here please.

And they talk about the working class as being uninformed voters. I think Renee has a good head on her shoulder, but there is no excuse for this kind of ignorance. Watch the frickin video, no where does she remotely suggest as Renee argues that Obama ought to be assassinated. Renee should be ashamed of herself, while it may be standard practice on Daily Kos and HuffPo, it is certainly beneath her.

Even RFK Jr. has a press release calling for the Obamafacists to grow up.

I have heard her make this reference before, also citing her husband’s 1992 race, both of which were hard fought through June. I understand how highly charged the atmosphere is, but I think it is a mistake for people to take offense.

If Obama wants memorilize himself onto some past canidate, it should not be RFK, but Eugene McCarthy. Let’s now give homage, the RFK Funeral Train is coming through.


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  1. Renee ⋅

    I made well reasoned statements as to the dangerousness of Hillary’s comments and they didn’t like them. The least of which is that after courting racists for months now to even insinuate that nudge nudge wink wink if he were assassinted, I could be nominated (and no matter what she said, that’s ALL people heard), was at best an unbeliveably irresponsible and dangerous thing to say and at worst, well, thank god I don’t believe the worst case scenario…


  2. Renee ⋅

    The question asked all week has been “Why RFK?” Why use that reference? Honestly he was the last “hope and change” candidate. He energized the youth of this country and promised to take us in a new direction with a new generation of leaders waiting in the wings. Even Ted Kennedy says that Obama reminds him of the type of leaders his brothers were and thinks of this as some sort of redemption opportunity for this nation.

    To use THAT specific example in THAT specific context was shocking. What she said was that races are not always decided before June… for example, her husband’s race was decided in June (which is actually not true, it was over by April)… “things happen in June” and then she went into the RFK example!!! No she didn’t say exactly word for word “I’m staying in the race in case Obama gets assassinated in June like RFK did”, but all the elements of that horrific statement were in what she did say and the potential implication was dangerous considering two other things.

    First, Obama has had more death threats than any other presidential candidate in the history of the US; and Second, her comments led directly to a tripling of the number of death threats he received after she said them and a tripling of his secret service security detail…

    In other words, the proof is in the pudding. Her irresponsible comments regardless of intention were directly responsible put that man’s life in significantly increased danger.

    The irresponsibility of her statements is not in how you parse what she said, but in how it was perceived and how others then directly responded to them…

    It’s inexcusable and THIS is what I put in the comments on the blog. She removed it because she KNOWS I’m right.

  3. Renee,

    Fair enough. Yes, Obama folks do get bumped if they hijack the conversation. Meaning if they take the conversation is a direction contrary to the post. I assume from the reference to your comment that you made a reckless comment that Hillary’s statement was suggesting, hinting at, referring to an Obama assassination. This is complete lie, no truth what so ever. JFK was in reference to herself not Obama. Now I know his holiness thinks it all about him, but this wasn’t. Certainly it seems to me that with Obama’s followers, if not himself, there is something Freudian going on.

    Most of the posters on Confluence have been kicked off Huffington Post, DKos, Dem Underground for the audacity to support Hillary. In that sense Confluence is a safe haven of sorts for the monopoly of Obama press. If you are truly concerned about censorship I suggest you look into the purges on those blogs.

    Like it or not Obama is not RFK, but Eugene McCarthy. I am actually shocked that you support him. You made passionate pleas last summer for ending the death penalty, and Obama’s stance is he is for it, but against executing someone whose innocent. How progressive, and brave. In poor Madison neighborhoods its bad enough, but I suspect pay day loan shops are even worse in Milwaukee. What I can’t forgive Obama for is voting against a 30% cap on interest rates. That was a vote for the pay loan industry period. It has also created at atmosphere for excessive student loan and housing interest rates – I know very personally. In blunt terms its not what Obama has done for but to the African American community that needs to be examined.

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