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Euro Peon on American Workers

Cap Times: Some Wisconsin Dells employers are facing an international labor shortage this summer because of changes to a national temporary guest-worker program and the weak American dollar.

There may have been a time when the Capital Times stood tall with American workers, but those days are long gone. Rather than critically examining why thousands of young people not able to find a job, they instead put out a fluff piece about there not being enough worker visas. Give me a frickin break.

We don’t need anymore Euro Peons coming to the Dells for their working vacations. We don’t need anymore H-2B visas to further downgrade the living standard of American workers. What American workers do need is a fair shot and fair wage.

Liberals and immigration advocates like to push the myth that American workers are lazy, or unwilling to do a fair days work for a fair days pay. The truth of the matter is young people have been hurt the most by these Neo Liberal trade and immigration policies. We have an over abundance of students looking for summer employment this year and the Capital Times would have us believe the problem is not enough H-2B visas. If you want to see liberal elitism, there you have it.

First and foremost rather than totally discarding young American workers, how about Wisconsin Dells pay more than $6 an hour with little or know benefits. This seems pretty basic to me; since American families have their back year in and year out, the least they could do for our young Americans is to pay a fair wage for a hard days work. Sounds to me like Wisconsin Dells needs a few unions.

What is morally inexcusable is to assume there are not willing, able bodied, Americans willing to spend their summer and beyond working at Wisconsin Dells. What is morally inexcusable is to argue for more Euro Peons and HB2 visas when we have Americans out of work and struggling to get by. Come on, we can do better than this.