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Whallah’s Liberal Elitism

Whallah!: McCain The Elitist
Sounds more than a bit elitist, doesn’t it?

And what would McSamePain teach Obama? How to put on a flack jacket properly and how to stay with his battalion of bodyguards? I’m sure that the soldiers in Iraq have more important things to do than babysit some grandstanding grouch:

Here’s what’s funny. Capper from Whallah saw McCain’s comment as elitist. Why did Capper think this was elitism? Well because McCain mentioned the E word, education.

Capper, living in his liberal elitist glass house, sees elitism simply as an attack on education or more accurately the educated class. Education per se does not make one elitist, the whole notion of an organic intellectual is based on an non elitist educated class. It is the snobbery, disdain, and disconnect that tends to follow that makes one elitist.

Obama’s problem has always been the snobby way he looks down on the common folk. The whole I am the professor, the king, or The One, and let me enlighten you. It was not this “elitist” view of education McCain was referring too, it was something much more organic.

This is not a pro war or anti-war, or even liberal or conservative issue. Murtha and Feingold are the two strongest anti-war politicians out there, yet they very regularly visit the troops. Their opposition to the war is not made out of ignorance, but on an educated 1st hand experience of the facts on the ground.

McCain’s “education” was clearly the non elitist variety. The education that would be given to Obama is not McCain’s wisdom or lack their of, but the very real, concrete, lived experience on the ground. It seems to me that with the past eight elitist years of George Bush, that would not be asking for too much.


3 responses to “Whallah’s Liberal Elitism

  1. i think you hit this on the head. so many obama supporters are so steeped in their upper-income (or aspiring upper-income) elitism that they don’t even know what the word means.

    obama is viewed as a snob because that is exactly how he projects himself — and it’s not surprise that policies and entire modus operandi betray a kind of stevensonian disdain for people who actually have to work for a living.

    people can easily sense when someone talks down to them or tries to treat them as a pathologist might treat some kind of disorder.

    the shame is that — this year — we actually have a presidential candidate who is taking honest-to-goodness progressive stands on concrete issues and she is being derided by the politically correct neoliberals behind the obama campaign as some kind of retrograde throwback.

    the bankruptcy of the democratic party’s leadership is on view for all to see: it’s a foregone conclusion that mccain will win, in this of all years.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I can understand some progressives being against Clinton, but certainly not when compared against Obama. Obama is so wrong on about every basic progressive issue if its the environment, health care, trade you name it.

    Yes it funny, the DNC seems perfectly willing to hand this election over to McCain. The truth of the matter is from an anti-war stance I’d have more faith in McCain getting us out of Iraq than Obama.

    Looks like Puerto Rico took the Obamacons unity rhetoric to heart. 70% saying hell no to Obama. Even in a recent Obama / Edwards poll, it had Hispanics in WI going 80% for McCain.

    Nebraska and South Dakota need to ask themselves do they want to support a winner in November or go home bitter with a candidate high on rhetoric, low in substance.

    Thanks again for the support.

  3. ronniedigital ⋅

    Well, from an anti-war stance I have a lot more confidence in McCain going after Iran than pulling out of Iraq.

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