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Conceeding My Ass

It looks look the Obamasphere is at it again trying to suppress the vote. They are hoping that if they can float the lie that Hillary is conceding her numbers in South Dakota and Montana will be deflated. This of course is not new, they have been using this tactic since Iowa. Here is her recent ad in South Dakota, does it sound like quitting to you?

Bill said Tuesday will be his day of campaigning in the primary. The obamasumption is if she was not quitting, why would Bill end his primary campaigning now. Well, the easy and short answer is South Dakota and Montana are the last two primary states. Hillary Clinton chose New York for her end of the primary campaign rally for the simple reason that for her that is where the primary campaign began.

There are two possible outcomes Tuesday night, neither of which will please Obamacons. With a resounding popular vote victory she will declare herself the rightful winner of the nomination. She will articulate how Obama continues to lose support primary after primary. Currently the only demographic Obama can rely on is the African American vote. Every other demographic has been moving towards Hillary. Obama getting or not getting the magic number is irrelevant because that number will change between now and August. 300 + delegates are super delegates which actually do not count until the convention. So, while Obama can hypothetically be at the magic number he can not be there in reality until August. Hillary will be making a strong case over the next few months to win over those delegates. She will announce a new phase of the campaign, and that will be the Super Delegate primary.

The second possibility is that she is preparing for an independent campaign for president. This certainly would make sense with Hillary calling her largest financial supporters to New York. Some of Hillary’s strongest supporters have even found a cute name for her new “non party” PUMA. PUMA stands for Party Unity My Ass. It has been interesting watching some of Hillary’s strongest supporters warming up to the notion of a third party run. Some time back there was a Rasmussen poll having 33% of Democrats wanting Hillary to run as an Independent. Hillary, at the time, got 22% of the popular vote in the general election against Obama / McCain. Certainly those numbers are higher today than when the poll was taken.

In either case I would not bet the house that Hillary will step down Tuesday night.