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No, I am not referring to the year of the first female newspaper editor.

Nor the year Russia and Prussia signed their peace treaty.

Nor the year of the fist St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the United States

No, 1762 is the number of delegates Obama has as of last night. Super delegates are nice and all, but they are kind of like Bush’s economic surplus checks. Its nice to know you may have them in August, but as of today they are no better than a predated check. This will be a long, hot summer, and one thing is for sure, Obama will give the super delegates plenty of opportunities to reconsider.

As expected Hillary did not concede last night. There were moments, but it sounded much more like a victory speech than anything else. Last night over 18 million voters cast their choice for president with Hillary Clinton. That is more than Obama or any primary candidate in our nations history.

As far as pastors go, this one has it right. Many of Hillary supporters are demanding she take it to Denver, and if not run as an Independent. After the way the DNC has treated her throughout this campaign she owes them nothing. Who she does owe is the American people, including the 18 million who voted for her.