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Not Ready to Make Nice

Confluence: The problem is the party itself. 2008 was the year that the party abandoned its principles. It is no longer the party of FDR and shared responsibility. Now, it is the party of wannabe rich libertarian Democrats. It is the party of the Ariana Huffingtons who, dissatisfied with her own party, have decided to steal someone else’s. It isn’t the party that nearly elected Bobby Kennedy. It is the party that is about to write off Appalachia. Good riddance, poor working people! You’re on your own now. It isn’t the party that made social security sacred. It is the party that might very well start tinkering with it because the young and well off don’t understand the concept of shared responsibility and insurance.

What’s hilarious is today the Obamabots finally realized the sexism throughout the campaign. They were silent when Obama referred to a female reporter as sweetie, they were silent for all the cunts, whores, bitches, and dikes on Dkos and HuffPo, but today they decide to take notice. One wonders if this is all because tomorrow Hillary will give a speech and the Dems will be expected to hold hands and do their unity dance.

It ain’t going to happen. Party Unity My Ass. Yes Hillary will suspend her campaign, and she may be offered the VP nod, but it won’t change a damn thing. Obama will lose big come November. Hillary probably realizes the stupidity of going down with a sinking ship. Some people say Dean and the DNC are fully aware of this fact, but need Obama’s fund raising ability for down ticket voting.


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  1. goodtimepolitics ⋅

    And even if I am a democrat, I will have to agree that the democratic party is no longer for the hard working Americans, its for the rich like Obama’s friends! I don’t really care for McCain but I can not force myself to vote for Obama!

  2. Thanks Good Time Politics.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Just the other day I was thinking to myself how this song would make an ideal video for Hillary. I am glad someone put it on the youtube.

    Its funny, allot of Obamacons think Obama’s going to win in a landslide. Well, they are right about the landslide part.

  3. Henry, I’ll bet you a case of beer, or $50 to a charity of the winner’s choice, that Obama wins this fall. Since you’re so sure how things are going to turn out, this should be a no-brainer. My only condition is that both of us announce the bet, and the settlement, in posts on our blogs. No backing out when the going gets tough.

    Talk is cheap. Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is? Email me:

  4. I am someone who has never purchased a lottery ticket, but don’t worry you won’t get off the hook that easy.

    Rather than money, how about wager our votes. We can use the probability graphs up at Homind. They are updated regularly and use the most current polling data available.

    If Obama is at 50% or greater probability on lets say November 1st, I will vote for Obama, if McCain is, you’ll vote for him.

    I will post the Homind updates when they become (new polling data) available. If Obama has 50% or more I’ll donate $5 to his campaign, or a Democratic organization of your choice. If McCain is winning by 50% you can donate $5 to McCain, Nader, McKinney, or Barr.

    Link above has a map of the most recent polling (Obama 60% – McCain 40%). Wanna play.

  5. I see you’re still comment-challenged, Henry. Not to worry, I posted the whole thing on my blog for everyone to see.

    I like your proposal, but let’s up the ante a bit more. You don’t like to bet, and I sure don’t like to vote for Republicans, so lets do both. I’ll accept your challenge if you’ll accept mine, with the provision that, on election day, the loser lets the winner observe and verify his vote. With media present. The risk of public humiliation will make this so much more fun!

    You in?

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