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Dirty, Chicago Style, Obamacratic Politics

In an earlier post, Obama’s Voter Supression, I described how Obama abused ballot access laws to deny all his Democratic competitors a place on the ballot. In mafia like fashion, he took them out one by one, including a very popular incumbent.

Ballot access laws should be minimal impediments to demonstrate a seriousnesses of candidacy, not obstacles for political corruption and voter suppression. It looks like the Illinois Obamacratic Party is at it again. This time, they arbitrarily took off four Green Party members from the November ballot.

Ballot Access News
On June 9, Illinois elections officials removed four Green Party nominees from the November ballot. They are Iain Abernathy in the 8th district, David Kalbfleisch in the 10th district, Robert Hill in the 14th district, and Troy Dennis in the 17th district. All four districts are fairly competitive between the two major parties, and all four Greens had been nominated by party meeting after the February primary was over.

What was the Green Party’s big crime. Well it turns out since the Green Party did not elect any candidates through the primary process in those four counties, as per their bylaws their state party selected candidates to run.

Yes, this is Chicago politics at its worse. On the one hand when Green Party members asked for their primary ballot they were told none existed. Some ballots were hidden under registration forms, and others were merely thrown in the trash. Then after the fact, since no Green Party candidates were elected through the Obamacratic primary, the Green Party nominees were stripped of their full ballot access.

Is this the kind of government corruption and voter suppression we will have to deal with nationally if Obama is selected. This must be that new brand of politics The One keeps referring to.


3 responses to “Dirty, Chicago Style, Obamacratic Politics

  1. Hillary lost, dude.

    And Obama is not quite as omnipotent as you appear to believe. By the way, Obama had nothing to do with Daley’s cops in ’68, or that incident on Feb. 14th.

  2. True, but his style of politics did. He did abuse ballot access laws to knock all Democratic competitors off the ballot. So Michael, where is your tolerance at. At one point will you say The One has taken it one step to far.

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