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Furman, A Wal-Mart Democrat

It looks like Team Obama just brought in another econcomic advisor. Jason Furman was brought in as a paid adviser. On the internets yesterday the Obamacrats were trying to spin this as somehow Obama moving toward a more progressive trade policy. No, Furman is part of the Robert Rubin’s Hamilton Project, Rubin was the free trading, Neo liberal, treasury secretary for Bill Clinton in the 90’s. Here is what Green Change has to say about Furman.

Green Change :
Way back in the primary, Wal-Mart was a bogeyman. Barack Obama, you may hazily recall, even attacked Hillary Clinton for sitting on its board.

So there’s quite a lot of grumbling in labor circles today about his bringing on Jason Furman as his chief economic policy advisor, because Furman wrote a key, 2005 defense (.pdf) of Wal-Mart from the left, titled, unironically, “Wal-Mart: A Progressive Success Story.”

The piece makes two arguments. The first is that Wal-Mart lowers prices, so low-income people (and others) can buy more. The second is that Wal-Mart’s low-wage jobs are consistent with the Clintonite philosophy of making work pay, and that the right fix is to have government subsidize the low-wage workers’ salaries and help provide them healthcare. He denies that Wal-Mart lowers local wages.

So, the base of this New Democratic Party is going to be Wal-Mart it self. No one seems to question that if work doesn’t pay, where is the government going to get the tax revenue to cover all these income correction social programs like health care.

Furman has an answer to that too, but it sounds like the last eight years to me. Furman had this to say after a conference call with Chris Hayes.

Obama’s economic plan is much more focused on tax cuts than investment.

More and more Obama’s economic policies sound like business as usual. Maybe, but highly unlikely, the Obamazombies will soon begin to wake from their kool aid drunkenness. As another Bush once said about these kind of policies, They are “voodoo economics”. It was true then with Reagan, and even more true now with Obama.


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