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PUMA Power

AT&T Lobbyist Joe Wineke is upset that the Wisconsin Democratic Convention got PUMAed. It turns out a Clinton delegate, one among many to follow, has decided to vote for McCain. The Wisconsin Democratic Party wants her stripped of her delegate status.

Well, at least this is a more straight forward way of stripping Clinton delegates of their status than what Obama did in Texas. Here is sneaky, dirty, Chicago style, Obamacratic politics at work. A deceitful attempt to trick Clinton delegates into thinking they are signed up as Obama delegates.

This is going to be a long, hot summer for Obama. A clearinghouse of pro Hillary websites have joined together with a clear, simple message of No Deal, No Obama. Some will vote for McCain, some will stay home, some will vote for third parties, some will write in Hillary, but one thing is certain they will not vote for Obama in November.

Here are two PUMAs taking question on Indie Radio.