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Sweet Little Lies

Well, he promised us change and we are certainly going to get it. Obama has given us the most expensive primary campaign in American history, and now he gives the American people a big FU.

Today, as expected, Obama opted out of public financing. Rather than putting the breaks on the insane spending we have had this primary season, Obama decides to put it in hyper drive. Shame on any Democrat or liberal who tries to defend this betrayal of the American people.

CNN, Wolf Blitzer and Bill Schneider to be specific, must have gotten their Obama talking points, I mean lies, lies, lies. They, along with their Obamafreaks, tried to argue opting out was populist because Obama got his contributions from small doners. This is an out right lie, much like he doesn’t take money from lobbyist when his “bundlers” are hired lobbyists.

While it is true there are more “under $500” contributions than other income groups, it is not even 50% of contributors. As can be clearly seen the larger amount of money does not come from small donations. The vast majority of money raised by Obama has come from contributors of $1000 or more. If this is change, its as I have said for some time 100% rhetoric.

As can be seen from the table large groups of Obama’s contributions comes from PAC’s, oh I mean lobbyist hired bundlers. Everyone of these bundlers are for corporate interests. Is there any doubt that Obama has not been paid in full. What clearly stands out to me is the influence the banking and credit industry will have on an Obama presidency. I guess that is “payback” for opposing interest rate caps on credit cards and housing.


4 responses to “Sweet Little Lies

  1. smitty187 ⋅

    I support Nader even more so after the complete capitulation on the FISA bill. Where did you get the table for Obama contributors. I would like to alert others of this inconvenient truth, but I haven’t been able to find it…..

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I could see the FISA shift a mile away. Now that it is getting closer to a perceived Obama presidency those extra constitutional powers are looking better and better.

  3. Nathaniel ⋅

    This is worrisome (as he is breaking a promise) and would this mark a general backing away from campaign finance reform on his part?

  4. Yes, and it is the $4600 and above contributions that are constrained by campaign finance. We could say as the primary is finished, the auction begins.

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