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Blog Bunker Experience

I feel like I deserve a shirt, I Survived Blog Bunker. As you can see from my talking points, socialism was not on the list of topics I was expecting. While I certainly do not mind defending “socialism”, I wish I had a heads up on it before hand.

We talked about socialism, Nader, spoiling, ballot access, and talking white.  Overall a decent compromise on topics.

Socialism: The big idea I was trying to get across is socialism = economic democracy. The American  experience of democratic rights stops at the workplace.  While not necessarily “mainstream” , I do not see this as radical by any means. I was actually surprised when he said I was the first socialist he ever met, like I was an historical relic of some sort.

Nader: I was taken back by his disdain for Nader. He was offended by the “talking white” comment. The point I was trying to make was if Nader said “talking corporate”, the corporate media would have ignored the story.

Spoiling: I think I made my point with the “slave plantation” metaphor.  In short, one can only argue that Nader spoiled in 2000 if you believe voters are slaves belonging to the duopoly, rather than freemen making rational political choices. All those Nader voters “spoiled” because they had the audacity to leave the Democratic planation.

Ballot Access: The point I was trying to make was we have a separation of “church and state”, why not also have a seperation of “party and state”.  I used the experience of Green Party members in Illinois as an example. In the recent primary they were told they had run out of Green Party ballots. Some members found ballots in the trash, and under registration papers. When the state party selected candidates to run for office the Illinois Election Commission took them off the ballot.  This is just one example of obstacles the duopoly puts up to keep third parties off the ballot. There are two fundamental ways to suppress the vote; put up voter obstacles and put up candidate obstacles. While Democrats are the first to cry about voter obstacles such as voter ID, they are the first ones to put up voter obstacles through ballot access laws.


3 responses to “Blog Bunker Experience

  1. Adam P ⋅

    I think you _do_ deserve a shirt, and the host deserves a pie in the face. What was with that guy? You were EXTREMELY graceful and relatively eloquent given the tone that was being tossed at you, in my opinion.

    I think his perspective towards socialism shows his overall lack of knowledge about political ideas and it’s obvious that he prefers a dumb-downed approach to language. Perhaps thats just a requirement to be a radio personality.

    I feel you addressed the Nader questions well. How can someone add to the national conversation if they don’t get heard? As if on cue, the host provided the meta-example of your thesis by ignoring Nader’s arguements. Hey, fine if you want to call him a lunatic, but what about his ideas? He never really even acknowledged that Nader had something to say at all, much less addressed those issues. And you hit the “spoiler” question out of the park…I’ll be quoting that at summer BBQ’s to my loyal dem friends (with credits). I’m glad you elaborated on Nader’s main points clearly and it wasn’t surprising that a Nader Hater would just go back to undermining the figure instead of addressing the core issues of corporate domination (on corporate for pay radio).

    Keep fighting the good fight HD!

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