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Alex Bennett and Podcasting

One of the gems of Sirius Radio is Alex Bennett. He is an ole leftist, not liberal, who shares many of my misgivings about Obama.  Here is his “Best of Alex Bennett” show from the 4th.

Now and then, I post audio and video on this blog.  My little experiment for today is to see if I can categorize or tag those posts, so they later can show up in Itunes as a podcast.

What I plan to do is create a category called podcast and hopefully ITunes will read the feed as a podcast.

UPDATE: Well, I almost had it. At first it was not working, but that was because the audio embed tag in itself was not enough. You also have to link directly to the mp3 file itself.

I was hoping it would do the same thing for mp4 video files, but no such luck. Anyway its good to know I have a simple way to podcast. The direct link to the podcast is