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Death, Wind Mills, 911ers, and Leftism

Alex Bennett’s show covered death, wind mills, 911, and leftism. There was this funny interaction between Alex and this teenage 911 Truther. The kid did not think Alex was a “good liberal” because he was not open minded enough to accept Bush planned and executed 911. My attitude is get over it, it was 7 frickin years ago.

One caller asked Alex about the difference between liberalism and leftism, here is his answer.

I think there is a lot of truth to the saying a liberal is just a conservative in good economic times. While a “leftist” may detest what a George Bush or Jesse Helms stands for, in the end, we must admit a certain degree of respect because they stood up for core values.

Liberals on the other hand, if they be Kerry, Gore, or Obama, have no core.  They are so busy compromising for power and governance, they lose their center.  Gore sold out Kyoto in the hopes of winning, Kerry was willing to drill in ANWR for a key to the White House, and now Obama is willing to barter away our civil liberties for the title Commander in Chief.