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Jesse Jackson, Obama, and Iran

It turned out the open mike was not all that exciting after all. I have to agree with Alex, this was much to do about nothing. Wolf’s “Jesse said something so awful we can’t repeat it on CNN” was a bit too much. If it was Obama has lost his nuts, will lose his nuts, or simply gone nuts, it was not worthy of an apology. What I am wondering is if Jesse Jackson will have to kiss his own ass.

Well guess who voted for FISA and who voted against it. If there was a time to vote present, this would be it. I can’t say this surprised me. If liberals bothered to look at his voting record they’d know protecting civil liberties was not his strong suit.


One response to “Jesse Jackson, Obama, and Iran

  1. goodtimepolitics ⋅

    Just showed what a man like Jackson really is talking behind a person’s back! He’s a back stabber and now the people know! Fox news did a good job here!
    Obama has been flip flopping until he has upset the far left and Jessie Jackson comment is just part of that madness!

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