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Should Liberals Be Added to Hate Crime Law

Southern ledger: In a four-page letter police found in his small SUV in the church parking lot, Adkisson said he attacked the church because “he hated the liberal movement.

It does bring up the question if liberals should be added to the hate crimes list. It turns out Adkisson was tied to Savage Nation.

All satire aside, it turns out Adkisson will be charged under the federal hate crimes law.

Fox News: Anytime someone uses force to obstruct another person in the free exercise of their religious beliefs that is a violation of the federal civil rights statutes, FBI Agent Richard Lambert said Monday.

I am not a fan of “federal hate crime legislation” mainly because it is as excuse to federalize the criminal justice system. What I find myself wondering is if it makes a difference if Adkisson is charged with a hate crime on liberal or religious grounds.

Is there any difference between the crime ocurring at a church, school, or city park. What about having the rampage committed at a church makes it a more terrorizing crime.


2 responses to “Should Liberals Be Added to Hate Crime Law

  1. Mpeterson

    Wait, isn’t simply *being* to the left of Hitler already a crime in America?


  2. Kucinich, McKinney, and Nader are the only political candidates this year to the left of Hitler.

    My take is “liberal” makes about as much sense as any other category, and much more than a physical location determining if its a crime or not. I do not get your Hitler connection though.

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