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Does Obama Really Want a Trade War?

AZ Central – According to Obama, his plan will create 5 million “green jobs.” These will be American jobs. They will be high-paying. And, according to Obama, they will even be union jobs.

Obama also claims that the new flex-fuel and hybrid plug-in cars his plan calls for will be produced in the United States. He would give American car manufacturers $4 billion in taxpayer money and guarantees to retool their plants to make the new cars.

Well it looks like the NeoCrybabies are getting scared Obama will start a trade war. If only we could get so lucky. It was this Green, rebuild America, platform that first attracted me to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. I have very little faith that Obama takes this platform seriously, and even less trust that he would deliver.

Obama in many ways in like a cyborg. When he knocks off an opponent he not only morphs their issues, but assumes ownership of their political record. Obama’s recent ad attacks McCain for voting for an energy bill than in fact Obama voted for and McCain voted against.