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George’s Georgian War

The Democrats seem to be perfectly content with regurgitating Neo Con propaganda. They express their faux outrage at Russia when in fact it was Georgian ethnic cleansing to blame for the civilian casualties. This really should come as no surprise. Obama heavily relies on the advice of Dr. Brz. on all things foreign policy. Dr. Brz. is rightly characterized in the video as the godfather of al Qaeda. I guess this whole extravaganza does give us a glimpse of what an Obama foreign policy will entail.

This Georgian act of aggression was in the works for some time now.  It should come as no surprise that the US / Georgian military exercises were completed just prior to the Olympics.

Global Research: In mid-July, Georgian and U.S. troops held a joint military exercise entitled “Immediate Response” involving respectively 1,200 US and 800 Georgian troops.

The announcement by the Georgian Ministry of Defense on July 12 stated that they US and Georgian troops were to “train for three weeks at the Vaziani military base” near the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. (AP, July 15, 2008). These exercises, which were completed barely a week before the August 7 attacks, were an obvious dress rehearsal of a military operation, which, in all likelihood, had been planned in close cooperation with the Pentagon.

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