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S. Ossetia Girl Outfoxes Fox

This is a rare video that shows the lies and cover ups of America on national news. Thanks Fox for messing up!!! Georgia our 3rd greatest Allies in Iraq started this war with Russia. Killing and burning people in the wake of 8/8/08

This video doesn’t exist

I think the important thing to remember is that this has all been in the works for some time. During this summer U.S. has been train Georgian troops for this exact scenario.  The training exercises ended a week before the olympics, coincidence I don’t think so.

Georgia has long wanted, and the U.S. has long supported, Georgian NATO membership. A requirement for NATO membership is control of the entire nation, meaning no breakaway regions like South Ossetia. In addition, Georgia’s U.S. financed invasion with its intense propaganda campaign could win over European support for NATO membership.

What this little extravaganza has demonstrated very clearly is that the war party agrees with itself. McCain and Obama’s rhetoric sounds strikingly similar, and they were both co-authors of a bill supporting Georgia’s inclusion in NATO.   Obama’s, anti Russian,foreign policy advisor, Dr. Brz., recently compared Putin to Stalin.  Ironically, Stalin was Georgian.