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Is Obama Veering Right?

Today, on the Alex Bennett Show, he asked how much further Obama would move to the right.

The little extravaganza with the preacher at Brokeback Mountain has gotten some airtime from those on the right.  For example, Charlie, was upset that Obama dodged the abortion question by stating it was above his pay grade. The liberals, those political chameleons, are more upset that McCain may have cheated on the test.

Well the conservatives should rest assured that Obama’s stances on gay marriage, at  least for this week, is more to their liking.  He got a standing ovation when he stated in very clear terms, marriage is between a man and a women, and as a Christian he sees it as a sacred union.. with god in the mix.

What I would like to know is why these liberals who were in such an uproar two years ago about gay marriage, find it perfectly acceptable to support the rhetoric of Obama today. It seems every issue that liberals identified with two short years ago have been thrown under the bus by Obama.

6 responses to “Is Obama Veering Right?

  1. I am disappointed in Obama, but I will still support him because he is not John McCain :(

  2. jody ⋅

    Thank you Nate, I will NOT vote for that man.
    Not not not.
    I have HATED Obama since this whole mess heated up. I felt afraid of more Republican years. But now… just as I feared even more, there will be NO change.
    No change with Obama only betrayal and disillusionment when he panders to the right and fails to pull back from the underminig of the constitution and basic rights. He won’t do shit about that.

    omg and Pelosi and her goddam off-shore drilling. These Democrats are worse than the Republicans for the reason that the guy in the interview touches on. The Republicans say “I represent the rich, screw the “little guy”.

    The Dems promise to represent the opressed and the marginalized, draw them in with lies and false compassion and then BETRAY them time and again.
    and the Marginalized suck it up year after year and support and donate money they do not have.
    At least The Reps take donations from the rich. Then Green morons think hoo-ah baby. That means people who feel that way naturally LOVE us Greens.
    We are heading for a massive global trainwreck at some point here. It would be nice if politicians would stop greasing the tracks while congratulating themselves for doing that.
    “god in the mix”….I have to go vomit now.

  3. jody ⋅

    BTW Nate –
    I apologize for any German visitors that may show up in your webtraffic account. Maybe they smelled the Marx quote up there.
    I suspect that draws them here…just like flies on a Hessian corpse.


  4. Personally, my problem is less the position than him talking out of both sides of his ass. I can not think of a progressive issue where I could honestly say, Obama has my back on this one. He is untrustworthy worthy.

    McCain has a history of voting against these federal marriage things. He has consistently argued it is better left to the states. That seems to be as good or better than the Democrats.

    While I won’t vote for for either of these two goons, I am not convinced McCain would be worse than Obama. He would most likely soften the GOP on cultural and environmental issues. In addition, the Dems would take a more oppositional stance towards McCain than Obama. My greatest fear is that, like during the Clinton years, a Democratic president will simply be an excuse to push through right wing policies that were impossible under a Republican president.

    Hmm, it seems Kerry, at this time in 04, had more than 50 electoral college votes than Obama. All Obama needs is his own “Reporting to Duty” moment.

  5. jody ⋅

    re: Teh Ass Talking.
    Yeah that’s WHY I hate him. (well that, AND my brurning desire to marry Ellen DeGeneres. x_x LOL and jk, for all the literal-minded retards out there.)

    But really, why some many people haven’t seen Obama as the Snake Oil Salesman that he is from day one is amazing to me. I guess they feel like the new X-Files movie, y ou know – “I want to believe”
    So adorable, so trusting and yet so dangerous.

  6. jody ⋅

    typos = sorry!!!!!

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