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Ayers – The Righties Boogey Man

Today, on the Alex Bennett show, some rightie called attacking Obama for his “relationship” with William Ayers. The rightie saw this as evidence for Obama’s hidden socialist agenda. If only I could be assured of that, he’d have my vote in November.

Watch this rightie video on the “terrorist” (oooh, doesn’t that sound scary) Bill Ayers. As Alex rightly points out his main crime was blowing up a toilet in which no one was injured. Later on, some members of the Weather Underground were injured in “terrorist acts” but no innocent civilians. Why, you might ask, are the righties so scared of Ayers.

Well now it gets kind of funny. When this story first came out I thought to myself, boy, does that name sound familiar. I knew that name from some other context than 60’s revolutionary culture. The Bill Ayers I knew wrote about education, in particular teaching preschool and Kindergarten. Here is America’s most feared, home grown, terrorist talking to what what Bush’s past Secretary of Education, Ron Paige, would refer to as the Future Terrorists of America.

Here is quote from the introduction of William Ayers book on Summerhill.

William Ayer weighs in as a parent and an educator who has spent years in the classroom experimenting with Neill’s progressive approach. He examines Neill’s idea of freedom as it relates to social justice and questions of class and race in today’s classrooms. He explores what it means to have a school that supports and creates freedom and what such schools have looked like in the past. He also considers what it means to have a school founded on love and acceptance of the child, where the teacher’s goal is to understand children and how they learn, and where all students can and do learn.

So, let me make sure I got this straight. The big terrorist boogeyman the right wants us to fear is the author of countless books on child centered education. Can we really trust the righties on foreign policy when they are afraid of someone who makes his living writing books for parents and preschool teachers.


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