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Friends in Low Places

This ones for Tony Rezco.

It seems that Obama’s recent ad on McCain’s many homes backfired a bit. The corporate media today is talking about McCain rebuttle not Obama’s initial ad. If it were me, that is not the way I’d choose to start a convention.

It seems to me Obama’s big problem on these “class issues”, is his authenticity.  While the Obama storyline tries to potray him as a ghetto kid done good, his upbringing is nothing of the sort. Obama was raised as a comfortable, middle to upper middle class kid.

The discussion of Rezco crept through the Alex Bennett Show today. Much of the discussion focused on if his Chicago mansion was above board.

Rezco was a slum lord, and one who profited greatly from his relationship with Obama. 11 of Rezco’s 15 projects were in Sen. Obama’s district.  Sen. Obama certainly was not a thorn in Mr. Rezco side.


2 responses to “Friends in Low Places

  1. thatsrightnate ⋅

    I must say your large font is very convincing. I just hope the Dums don’t pull out McCain’s involvement with the Keating 5 in retaliation.

  2. I am not so clear that would be a good idea. McCain was the only Rep. involved, all others were Democrats. He just may argue, it was a bad example of reaching across the aisle.

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