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Democratic Slave Plantation

I can not think of a more accurate metaphor for the Democratic Party. The way it approaches factions of its own base is very similar to how a slave master treats his slaves.

Logic would dictate that if you want the support of a voter or faction you would not symbolically whip them. You would not attack their character, and use fear tactics into scaring them into supporting your party or candidate. It seems to me logic would dictate that you’d attempt to win over their support. Of course, Democrats never do that and never will. They just want you to shut up and vote (Democratic).

It has always perplexed me why Democrats attack Green and Nader voters. As Truth Out demonstrated after the 2004 election, if Nader endorsed universal health care or the living wage, he would have won comfortably. The pattern seems to be the further a Democratic candidate moves to the right (like Obama is doing now) the greater the slave plantation mentality becomes.

Interestingly, Hillary has played the role of Nader this primary season. Immediately after Hillary suspended her campaign, and PUMA and other organizations were created, Obamacons went on attack. At a time when you think Obama would have tried to bridge the tensions of a very close primary season, he sent out his minions to use fear tactics to get those voters back.

I remember reading Obamacons posts referring to Hillary as a wench, bitch, and whore as if that would somehow win those voters back. Just like with Nader, they saw the Hillary voters as slaves leaving the plantation and acted as any southern slave master would. While the Obamacons were using their system of terror Obama continued to move to the right. And to nobody’s surprise Obama has lost ground in the polls. He is down 12 points with young voters and 12 points with city dwellers. One wonders if these groups will be the next to be vilified by the Obamacons.

Recently, alienated, Debra Bartoshevich, made an ad with John McCain. This, of course, after AT&T Lobbyist, Joe Wineke, kicked her out of the Democratic Party. Again, we go back to the same slave plantation metaphor of lashing out at those who deny Democrats their support, rather than trying to win them over. Here are a few of Wisconsin’s own Obamocons who defy logic,

Mal Contends: Really, how dumb is this Wisconsin woman, appearing now in a new McCain spot. … Hey Debra, why not write in Dick Cheney? He’s had eight years of “experience with foreign matters.”

Blogging Blue: Bartoshevich uses that quote to justify her unwillingness to support the Democratic Party and its nominee, while conveniently ignoring the fact that the candidate and party she plans on supporting in November has historically ignored women, especially when it comes to reproductive rights.

Blue Racine: So, imagine my shock and horror to get up this morning and make a cup of coffee, light a cigarette and flip on MSNBC to catch the latest political drivel from the MSM and what do I see but none other than Deb Bartoshevich doing a McBush commercial……………oh God, will this nightmare ever end for me?

Reform Dem: I suspect that this is an act that Debra Bartoshevich will look back on with well deserved shame.

In contrast to these Obamacons, at least McCain is willing to compete for these votes. That is much more than Obama has done since Hillary suspended her campaign. The irony is Obama is willing to compete for Republican votes by putting Republicans on stage during a Democratic Convention, but as far as what used to be called the Democratic base he just throws them under the bus one by one.