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Pouring Salt on Open Wounds

All those kool aid drinking, Obama worshiping, Demopublicans will tell you this week must be about unity.  It looks like not everyone has gotten the message.

At the Denver Convention, Emil Jones, referred to African American women who supported Hillary Clinton as “Uncle Tom”.  This is disgusting and totally unacceptable. One of Hillary’s greatest cheerleaders was an African American women, and this is how  Obama pays homage her untimely death.

NOW is pissed, and wants Emil Jones to resign. Jones was a mentor to Obama while in the Senate. It seems to me Obama owes not only African American women like Rep Tubbs, but also his daughters, a stern rebuke of Emil Jones.

By the Fault: The National Organization of Women (NOW) is calling for the resignation of the Illinois State Senate President, Emil Jones, after he called an African-American Illinois delegate for Senator Clinton an “Uncle Tom” for supporting her candidacy over Senator Obama’s.

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And then Obama decides to poor more salt on open wounds. Bill Clinton was more than willing to highlight Democrat(ic) record on the economy, and go on the attack for Team Obama. Oh, but no that was not good enough for The One. Obama wants Bill to do mission impossible.

Top of the Ticket: Former President Bill Clinton is reportedly miffed that he’s been given the assignment Wednesday night of selling Americans on Obama as a better commander-in-chief than Sen. John McCain, the all-but-official Republican presidential nominee.