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On Palin

It seems that the Obama campaign takes that old song about the new boss being the same as the old boss to heart. I was disgusted and embarrassed by liberal bloggers sexist rants and attacks on McCain’s new running mate, Governor Palin. It has turned out that Obama’s so called new politics is the dirtiest politics of all, Chicago style.

The Pregnancy: I don’t even understand this from a self interest standpoint. It has been a long tradition in American politics that children are off limits.  What kind of precedent do these liberal bloggers think they are setting for Obama’s own children.

A few liberal bloggers seem to think that since Levi had not checked “wants kids” on his MySpace profile, the poor kid was being forced into marriage.  Does not want kids is the default setting on My Space so unless you are looking for love that is what most folks “choose”. I don’t expect most liberals to know this because they tend to be on Facebook.

The dumpster diving in Palin’s kids My Space pages seems pretty low class to me.  Madison’s own slime ball felt it his moral duty to publish what he thought were drinking pictures of Bristol. When I send my son out with a carton of eggs this October, I’ll make sure he makes all the stops. It is abundantly clear from Deke’s rationalization he is terrified McCain will win, and is willing to stoop to very low levels because of it.

Alaskan Independence Party: The liberals are in a tirade that a member of the duopoly would associate, and have the audacity to speak to members of a third party. Here is the video that has the liberals all upset.

What was it her reference to “political competion” or the Alaskan Independence Party’s plank of instant runoff voting that got the Dems upset.   Liberals have argued the AIP wants to succeed from the union and maybe even join Canada.  Well, after eight years of George Bush, I think Wisconsin should follow suit.

Alaska First which has got the Dems all upset, is this radical notion that Alaskan jobs should go to Alaskans. I think we all know where this revolutionary talk will end up.  First Alaska, and then Palin will want Americans for American jobs.

While I do not agree with much the AIP stand for, I certainly welcome and applaud that a major political candidate is willing to give a third party the dignity and respect it deserves in a functioning democracy.

Let’s contrast this with Credit Card Biden, who along with Payday Loan Obama, signed contracts with the Presidential Corporation on Debates which states they will not participate in any other debate nor debate third party canidates.