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Nader Declares War on the Duopoly

Well, he didn’t exactly say that. It was more like when the Democrats use their political bigotry its a declaration of war on third parties and voters.  He also pointed out the irony of how on one hand he is irrelevant but on the other hand he is single handedly responsible for Democratic defeat in the last two election cycles.

Poor Mal. It was not enough for him to comment on my site, but he had to write posts on 4 other blogs. Who does he think he is, the second coming of Barrack Obama. Mal went to Daily Kos to declare war against The Proletariat. The Kossacks turned on him when they found out out he voted for Nader in the last two election cycles.

As I mentioned last night NBC 15 had a little blurb about the Nader Rally. I did notice their cameras last night, so I hope more reporting will be coming down the pipes soon. Tonight WKOW had a nice video of Ralph and the rally.

This video doesn’t exist

This morning the Wisconsin State Journal beat the Cap Times to the punch with a piece on Nader slashing the major parties. I thought Nick Heynen gave a nice overview of the nights speeches. My favorite quotes was,

There’s no such thing as taking votes away. It’s up to the voters to decide who they’re going to vote for. I think McCain is going to take votes away from Obama and Obama is going to take votes away from McCain.

People say, We don’t want to throw away our vote. We want to vote for winners. OK, go ahead. You’ve been voting for winners, and you’ve been losing.

Later this morning, Robert Chappell of the Capital Times, wrote a piece about the relationship between the two “progressive” events.  It was easy to tell from the piece which event Robert was at, and that he just pulled a few quotes from Nader folks to complete the story. I do give the Capital Times credit for stating Nader is the one who introduced Donahue to the vet who starred in the film. The Capital Times is dead to me. I took them off my Google page and filtered them out of my news sources.