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Class Speak

Oops, it looks like the Democrats are going to do it again. Liberals and Dems are salivating at the bit with Palin’s recent Charlie Gibson interview. They are overly focused on the text with the impression Palin  bombed the interview, when if fact if one examines the subtext she set them up perfectly.

The Democrats clearly saw the interview as highlighting Palin as inexperienced, and uneducated.  Democrats will be quick to point out she did not know what the Bush Doctrine was. They will be less quick to point Gibson’s clarification of Bush Doctrine was Obama’s notion of a Pakistani first strike.

Here is what Thomas Frank wrote four years ago.

AlterNet: Instead of it being blue collar against white collar, or workers against the Fortune 500, it is average Americans – or “authentic” Americans – versus an affected liberal elite. They use this language of class all the time and it is there in every single one of these issues. It’s just below the surface – usually not even below the surface. It’s right there.

The Gibson interview was a perfect set up by Palin to make the Democrats liberal elitists. The Dems in their fool me once, fool me twice, fool me thrice mindset never saw it coming. Palin only recently got a VISA, they argued, and has only visited Canada and Mexico. Well that easily becomes translated as she is not an Ivory Tower elitist who spends her summer vacation speaking in Berlin. Palin is uneducated. That becomes translated as, the presidency should be reserved for Washington elites with law degree from Yale.

I have no doubt that the inexperience and uneducated frame are seen as negatives by Obama and many Democrats.  Inexperience especially in the context of a “post American identity” may have a more positive connotation to the workingclass.   In contrast to being a citizen of the world, their idenity is centered in a particular time and place, if it be a small town, big city, rural or urban.  What does the ‘uneducated’ frame invoke? It very well could invoke the historical narrative that one class goes to college and another the battlefield. It could reinforce the “stereotype” of the educated liberal elite ruling in what they believe are the best interests of the people.

I am pretty indifferent to Palin herself, but when Democrats and liberals open their mouths, I just gringe.  In fact, I can’t remember an election in my lifetime where the Democrats were as blatently classist in orientation.