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Ohio Poll Bad News For Obama

Nader is excited that he has finally reached 10% in a major poll. The Ohio Newspaper Poll has him getting around 10% support with Independents.


Now we could just regurgitate the corporate media spin and say this is that 6% race factor. Or we could leave the race baiting aside and look at something more meaningful.   Let’s be honest folks, Obama’s health care plan fucking sucks. In the primaries he ran to Hillary’s right and it has only gotton worse since he was selected as the Democratic nominee.

The conventional wisdom is that he can’t win with an aggressive stance on health care. This is a big, fat, corporate lie. John Kerry would have won comfortably in 2004 with a universal health care plan. Well there seems to be one thing that unifies Ohioans and probably most Americans. A clear cut universal health care plan.

The numbers do not lie. There is strong support for a single payer style universal healthcare plan that does not tinker around the edges and covers all Americans. It does not matter if you’re rich or poor, black, white, polk a dotted, Republican, Democrat or Independent.

The message is loud and clear. Its Class Stupid. Economic populism is this country’s center. The conservatives hate it, and the liberals fear it, but its true nevertheless. If Obama wants to pull an October Surprise, he should came out strongly in favor of a single payer approach to universal healthcare. If he does that McCain does not have a chance in hell.

Better yet, tie the Bush / Republican / Democratic 800 Billion dollar bailout to a single payer, health care bailout for the American people.

UPDATE: Well, it looks like Obama decided on another track. He will go along with the 1 trillion dollar bailout, but will have cancel his proposed health care program. Its certainly good to see our black Republican having his heart in the right place.


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