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The People Win One

bailoutThey say there are no atheists in war. I don’t know about that, but if I had any religious fervor, I would have said a little prayer this morning.  When I got home today I felt that prayer was answered. It was one of few days of hope I have felt for this sham we call a democracy.

Since I got home this evening I have felt like I am in a rerun of Chicken Little.  It seems Democrats (it seems to be mostly Democrats) are screaming the sky is falling, the sky is falling. I say let it fall and come crashing down from the depths it emerged.

I was disappointed Tammy Baldwin betrayed the people of Wisconsin today. While I try not to vote for Democrats, she is one I tend to pull the lever for. She is usually pretty good on these issues. Not this time,  there was no gray in this bill. You either stand with the people or against them. I was impressed with Steve Kagen, and will send some money in the near future for his brave vote on behalf of the working stiff. Kagen says it best in his press release.

I was elected to represent the best interests of working families in Wisconsin, not tycoons on Wall Street,” Kagen said. “We have seen so many people lose their jobs and struggle just to keep their heads above water. This bill would have been no help to them.

The fact that the economic patriots in this story line seem to be mostly Republicans is very telling. There is one thing a (economic) socialist and rabid free marketeer can agree on and that is corporate welfare.  There was a time when such a bailout would go against Democratic decency. What this bill clearly shows is the essence of the Democratic party no longer is aligned with the working stiff but the bankers, credit card companies and wall street.

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