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How Many Wars Does a Bail Out Make

A comrade at work recently asked me for information on the cost of the Iraq War. We both work in education and year in and year out its just cuts, cuts, cuts.

For example to date we could hire 11 million new teachers, or give 193 million Americans health care. Sounds pretty bad doesn’t it?

Well this morning he pointed out the irony that one corporate bail out costed more than a 7 year 2 front war in the middle east. The bailout would give us 11 1/2 million teachers, or 206 million Americans health care.

Try it for yourself. Its shameful, shameful indeed.


4 responses to “How Many Wars Does a Bail Out Make

  1. MAL

    Let’s hope that the tremendous figures invovled and the crisis lead to a New Deal-style Obama administration and innovations in the classical liberal foundations that have left us.

    Times of uncertainty truly “are also more open to the creative energy of men than any other time in history.” -RFK

  2. I can always count on your sense of humor. I don’t think one who calls members of his own party who support universal health care extremists that are supported by over 60% of Republicans and Independents will be swayed in the New Deal direction.

    Obama from the primaries onward has stood firm in the rightward direction he wants to move the party.

    I have more faith that Obama will bring forward some form of fascism than any New Deal like reforms.

  3. Jeremiad ⋅

    I’d yell “The Sky Is Falling” if it wasn’t for the bits of cloud and atmosphere lodged in my trachea.

    I’d like to point out that these figures you express regarding the trade off (of wickedly stupid expenditures of taxpayer dollars versus reasonable, truly beneficial alternatives) are stating the cost of elementary teachers or health care for all FOR ONE YEAR only.

    Not that this doesn’t make the comparison worthwhile, but we should be aware that we can’t un-screw this country even if we get non-corporate weasels in the White House. (Yeah, right!)

    The truth is our government and media can advocate and manipulate until the Patriotic Americans eventually roll over to fork out a crapload of tax money for certain modern priorities (killin’ and corporate douchebaggery, in a close tie for first), while whistling past the public graveyard. I wish I could stop it with one vote but…

    What I’m getting at is that even if we had a major values shift and historical turning point reducing corporate control of govt. (not likely, but in the realm of possible if you are an optimist or a strict statistician) are we are even close to out of the woods?

    If miraculously we started to treat all United States citizens (and maybe even our non-citizens) as humans. . . I can see the headlines now; “Your Next Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Courtesy of Uncle Sam!”, or “All Area Teens Report Learning, Safety in Public Schools, Despite Horniness and Acne”. . . our national road to recovery isn’t even visible in the distance.

    Ending the war will not solve our problems in the public sphere or even our budget and deficit crisis, and god knows that even if we had avoided the pathetic bailout long enough to give it a little more daylight we wouldn’t be in any different boat. We’ve been watching it sink for a while.

    I may just follow Erwin Knoll and give up on presidential politics yet. I could just keep my head down and go local.

    “The only thing more demeaning then trading in your car at a used car lot, is voting for US president.”

  4. Thanks for the comment.

    Yes Knoll certainly had a point. By the time this is all done I may just adopt the Carlin Method of getting through a presidential election.

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