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Pre Sicko Rationality

Awhile I mentioned that if Obama came out with the heath care plan 60% of voters wanted – single payer, universal coverage – he’d win the election with ease. It seems Obama is taking the opposite approach and even refers to politicians such as Baldwin, McDermott, and Kucinich as extremists.

The reason Michael Moore‘s movie Sicko was so powerful was not because of the uninsured in this country, but because it highlighted the obstacles of the insured.

Lets be honest folks, much of the health care inflation is directly attributable to programs like Medicaid and Badger Care.  The government regularly reimburses  between 60% and 80% with the rest of the cost being passed on to private insurers.  Obama’s plan of increasing these programs along with closing the “non care” loopholes, will no doubt dramatically increase health care inflation.  Government loves these funding schemes because the increased cost is in the private sector and not the tax base.

I must admit there is part of me that likes the McCain proposal. Obama’s reminds me of the fool who finds himself in a hole but keeps digging, McCain reminds me of the idiot in the hole who tries to blow himself out of it with dynamite.   Ironically, McCain might get us where we need to be for meaningful health care reform quicker than Obama.

All in all I think the McCain – Obama health care plans are a wash.  Yes, McCain will tax your health benefits but the biggest cost will be those above $50,000.  On the other hand, increasing  the government insurance programs along with service mandates will no doubt create health care inflation around the same level as McCain’s tax increase.  Both plans will dramatically increase the uninsured over the next four years.  If you leave the public sector (its being felt there too), the plans being offered is just health care insurance on paper. When you add up the high deductibles, fees, co pays, it becomes financially unbearable to accept your employer’s health care proposal.  More and more Americans will simply opt for crossing their fingers  or offering an extra payer to the health care saint.

I personally find Obama very frustrating. Poll after poll demonstrates the American people want bold healthcare reform, and he simply calls us extremists.