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Banned SNL Bail Out Skit

This video was on You Tube last week but when some rich friends of Nancy Pelosi and Barny Frank were afraid the people would rise up for an old fashioned tar and fathering, corporate media decided it must come down.

5 responses to “Banned SNL Bail Out Skit

  1. folkbum

    You do know it was reposted almost right away, right? Just with some of the text (the “people who should die” part) altered? I mean, it was all over the news how quickly it was down and back up.

  2. What news? A quick search gave a malkin site.

    Its still down there. Do you have a you tube url where its back up or are you just fucking with me.

  3. folkbum

    Here, for example, is a note from Tuesday’s LATimes where, in fact, you can watch the skit in its entirety.

    You think Malkin’s a trustworthy source of information? Please.

  4. Didn’t work for me, do I have to be credentialed or something.

    No, never been to the site before. Just searched “banned SNL skit” and she came up.

    I assume it was not a you tube video and that is still banned. The problem with many flash based videos is they are difficult to post on Word Press.

    I hope me posting it did not cause you too much stress.

  5. john ⋅

    this guy is the biggest loser i have ever seen. he is the number 1 cause of the housing debacle. he is the guy who championed lending money to people who had no hope of paying it back, frank and dodd , pitiful

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