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Will NeoCrybabies Do McCain In

In 1992 Clinton was right about one thing, Its the Economy Stupid. It was followed by his eight year reign of terror against the working class, but true nonetheless.

Rhetorically Obama has been speaking the economy although his platform seems like something out of a moderate Republican’s playbook. Right wing Libertarian are forsaking the Republican party in herbs with the latest casualty being Christopher Buckley.  Obama is getting a lot of traction out of offering very little.

The Neo Crybabies, like the crazy Waukausha dude, are just pushing McCain into a never ending death spiral.  Obama may be a lot of things, but he is no socialist. If he was, he’d have my vote. In fact I am not sure I would even put him on the left end of the political spectrum. I almost have to laugh when the Neo Crybabies get all warped over Ayers. Give me a frickin break. The guy writes books on child centered education for parents and early childhood teachers. That’s almost as nonsensical as when the religious right thought the teletubbies was PBS attempting to turn all of our kids gay.

Like foreign policy for the Republicans, the economy is the Dems by default. While certainly difficult what McCain needs to do is “disrupt” that alignment.  McCain ought to point out he was the sole Republican involved in the Keating Five.  The Savings and Loan scandal, like the housing and banking scandal today, was pretty much a Democratic scandal done with the help of some Republicans. He could even use his wit and point out the Keating Five is an example of the dangers of working across the aisle.

McCain needs to leave the cultural issues be, its not a winning strategy.  It needs to be the economy, economy, economy. McCain needs to make the case that he is needed to keep the Democrats in check. Word on the street is they already have another $150,000,000,000 bailout planned (before November).   McCain needs to acknowledge that he made the wrong decision on the bail out.  He also needs to emphasize again and again that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are simply extensions of the Democratic Party.

Funny thing is before this year I had always assumed it was the Republicans behind these banking interests. More and more it seems ole Mac may just be the better lessor evil in this whole sham of a democracy. The Dems can stop him from doing those awful things we are told he will do if elected, and he can keep an eye on the Democrats relationship with corporate America.