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Nader and Baldwin Debate

Oh, so that’s what a debate looks like.

Yes, they had disagreements on health care, and some agreement on middle east policy. Amazingly, there were no jabs about each others age or terrorist connections. They did something not seen in American politics since the famous Gore Vidal / Buckley Debate, they discussed issues.

What became very clear is their is a host issues from foreign policy, civil liberties, as well as economic concerns in which the “far” right and left can gather around.  Baldwin, while certainly conservative by most folks standards, has come out so strongly against “free trade” he endorses tariffs on foreign goods.

I think they both were marvelous in putting the political bigotry of lessor evilism and wasted votes to rest.  What has the whole rationality of lessor evilism given us. Well, Obama has stood strong with Bush on every issue that defined the liberal opposition for the last eight years. Obama stands with Bush for an expanded American power in the middle east (just the locations changed), he stands with Bush on the Patriot Acts, he stand with Bush on FISA, he stands with Bush on the death penalty, he stands with Bush on bailing out banks and screwing home owners.  Yes liberals, you’ve played your cards well.

It looks like Word Press came out with a poll feature.  This will give me a chance to try it out.