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Taxes and the Class War

I think Zinn is right that we can’t discuss taxes without a discussion of class.  What is interesting to me is while rhetorically Obama may frame the debate in a progressive direction, the substance falls flat. While Obama gets some political capital with the right calling him a socialist, his actual policies are rather tame.

What is interesting to me is what’s left “off the table” in regards to tax issues. Inflation if its with health care, energy, finance, or food is as much a form of taxation as the income tax.  Look at that recent bail out Obama pushed and voted for. Bank of America and Chase each got over 25 billion dollar. Their customers, however, get higher interest rates and fees. Is this any less of a form of taxation than an income tax.

Or look at gasoline, cigarette, energy, or tele-communication taxes that are regressive in nature. Or how almost every city in our state is relying more and more on user fees to fund services instead of the property tax. Have you looked at your water bill lately?

If one has to choose, “tax and spend” is probably better than “borrow and spend”.  The decreasing value of the dollar because of our escalating debt is still a tax.   The question of to tax or not to tax is a silly one because if there is not a tax in one part of the system it pops up in the other.    The real question as Zinn poses it, is who should pay those taxes.