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Economic Traitors

Europe is having fits, Steve Forbes finds it troubling. The problem, too many Senators are mentioning the P word.


Even Sirota acknowledges Obama is backing off of his American Jobs pledge.

What is this protectionism that has everyone so excited. First, there was the suggestion that those who take the people’s money limit CEO pay to that of the president.

Then there was that “obscene idea” that would prohibit stimulus money being used for outsourcing. I guess using the recession as an excuse to layoff 100,000 or more workers just was not enough.

What these economic traitors are really terrified of is congress will limit the people’s money to being limited to US investment.

Are these populist or protectionist measures really that radical. Of course they will make the political and economic elites a tad nervous, and maybe they should be.

It seems to me that for the rest of America, these protectionist measures seem rather mainstream and centrist.