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Populism is the New Center

One thing I have been thinking about lately is how populism has become the new center. Obama certainly is more concerned about populist than, how shall we say it, CNBC rage.

Populism has replaced Neo Crybaby Conservatism to such an extent that CNBC rationality seems like something out of the last century. When Republicans see opposition as critiquing Democrats for acting like conservatives they have lost all relevance.

It does seem all the populist outrage is inauthentic. Obama is more concerned with soothing the populist angst without moving too far towards the populist center. I had to laugh at Geithner the other day when he tried to make it sound like he was being tough with the AIG pirates by taking the bonuses out of the next $30,000,000,000 check sent to AIG by ours truely.

Only time will tell is Obama will give the populist center more than lip service. I must say with the most recent banking bill I will not be hlding my breath. We’ll have to wait and see if Obama let’s the AIG pirates pilliage the tax payer bounty as our ship sinks.


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  1. jody ⋅

    Sorry Nate. Are you saying the rhetoric is populist but the behavior is not? it seems to me he uses just enough and just the right kind of populist poetry to appeal to the middle classes, but not below.
    More at the level of the concerned tone and the knit brow of the middle class, but no politician is gonna want to tap into the serious rage of the lower economic levels unless harvesting the gun people, etc. To me it still seems all about the soccer moms and the geo-caching dads, seasoned lightly with “let’s recall Victory Gardens and how gramma got thru it” blather. But then, I maybe missed yer point.
    Yeah, maybe that.

  2. jody ⋅

    fyi I do not like that Purple Idiot face I was just assigned by your blog.

  3. Exactly what you said. Funny thing is he is playing with fire and will get burnt. The AIG bonus is a case in point. Team Obama has another bailout on the way and it will most likely not pass because the bonus anger will be transferred to the bailout. If he was smart he would have took the bonus rage as far as he could.

    BTW, the entire post including the picture was done from an Ipod Touch.

  4. jody ⋅

    LOL…iPod Touch? Yer a salesman for them now? or you’re just revelling in the convenience and your own mobility? I have no iPod, I even hate my phone – hate all phones. It’s my daughter’s really, I just borrow it maybe once a week. Like I want calls? pffft.

    re: the post. after my “hiatus” I’ve pretty much decided to resume le Blogging (at a new address). So you’ll get an over-dose of my views on this and other lovely items there at some point. But to be quick about it, IMO the last thing he (or any pol) wants is to really shake things up too much. It’s painfully obvious that the ‘way we do things’ is not working (financially, environmentally, internationally), but they all still wanna keep doing it all BASICALLY the same way, and just kinda HOPE the fairies step in and resolve it all in the last 5 min of the show. Not only the Bushies act as if Jesus is coming to save all our asses. I about die 15 times a day now just hearing/reading news. Crawford had a post yesterday-“We’re Fucked” or similar. Oh hell yeah, I’ve felt like that for a while now.

    Anyway re: blogging, if Britney Spears can make a come-back why not me? (damn! now I got a Spears song in mah hed) grrr.

  5. jody ⋅

    omg, I just saw that Facebook badge thingie? now everyone will wanna be our friends there Nate! I thought the idea of Facebook was to have the least Friends possible? XD
    a small elite force? Dude, ya blew it.

  6. Now, how am I suppose to keep you straight when you just change your icon like that. Is the green Jody the same as the pink one or are they different Jodies.

    I suppose you are not ready to learn about blog mirroring. You can install an app that mirrors your blog on face book. What’s more if you update it on face book, its updated on the blog too. This One World Order thing is coming together rather nicely, don’t you think.

  7. jody ⋅

    urK! is that a slam on my technological abilities? Not ready? if not ready can be “a bit unwilling to get really comfy on FB” then I guess. I don’t want to use FB too much. I’m customizing my Blogger blogs and a WordPress blog now, that’s enough for the old brain at the moment. Old people resist change you know and the FB set-up is too annoying IMO so I don’t think I want to do very much there?

    re: the avies. I had dumped cookies between comments so your blog assigned me a new face(ran CCleaner actually, I think I picked up a social disease while hunting in dark alleys of the net for Yuu pix) CCleaner is ver y nice even if you already have good security stuff it seems to find oddities that are hiding.
    and btw I expected giddy delirium at the prospect of me resuming blogging…and there was none.
    Yer on notice.

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