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Rush is Right About Poverty

April Fools!


2 responses to “Rush is Right About Poverty

  1. jody ⋅

    omg I never look at this man. No one should, not even to laugh at. It’s plain to see that a glob of fat has wedged itself between his brain stem and his higher brain centers, cutting off blood supply and essentially turning his skull into a Jello Pudding Pak. However disturbed we might be at this, he is not, because all he likes is attention for whatever reason he doesn’t care. Like that old Mony Python quote “the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about”, he thinks the only thing worse than being Jabba the Hut is not being Jabba the Hut. Or something.
    Anyway the guy is gross.
    btw – I thought the Google April Fool’s thing was just lame, if you saw that.

  2. jody ⋅

    Nate, wtf. Why do I have to “await moderation”. I expect to be waived to the front of the line next time. geez.

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