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Sales Tax Increase Would Fund RTA

Sales Tax Increase Would Fund RTA:

First as Cap Times stated there is no accountability to citizens or taxpayers.

Second, this would take a big chunk of local transportation spending off the city dole, and I don’t trust the city giving money back to taxpayers.

At a minimum bus fares should be slashed in half. Why should I pay $300 in sales taxes and then another $500 in fares for a bus system that sucks. The majority of health clinics are inaccessible with a bus during large chunks of the work day. I remember when busses had letters and one could get anywhere – on the half hour – from 6 am to 12 pm.

Lastly, I see the city playing the same games with the RTA as they do with my water bill. In other words, transportation will become so loosely defined RTA money could be used for a variety of purposes that are currently funded through property taxes. .

What it all comes down to is trust.