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Screw Madison Metro

After Madison increased bus fares 50 cents to $2 last month, Metro Transit is now proposing to use some of that new revenue to boost service.

Metro wants to restore Route 10, which would link the Near East Side and UW Hospital and create 15-minute service between the UW-Madison campus and the hospital.via WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL.


Screw Metro. This is class warfare at its worst. Come on, it costs over $400 a year to send 1 child to school on a bus, and that’s if you buy the passes.

Today, I find out the working poor were required to pay 50 cents more a ride to subsidize Madison’s newly emerging gentry class.

University employees and students both get their passes in bulk (at a much cheaper rate). Since the city is incapable of bartering a better deal with the university, it raises bus taxes on citizens with limited income and the worst bus service in the city.

It is one thing to have a screwed up bus system, but quite another to be forced to pay for improvements on a gentry line I’ll never use. I’ll bet you another thing, these gentrified busses are not whored like the busses that go past my house.

Liberals wonder why there is so much angst at the notion of an RTA. We get enough class warfare from Madison Metro, we certainly do not need it from a RTA.

Screw Metro, Take a Cab, now that’s a bumper stick I’d buy.