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Ugly Side of Web 6.0

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I did not see anything in the article that they were given as personal laptops. If you are using school computers – that is what these were – tread carefully. Any use has to be archived nightly to meet the requirements of most public record laws. There is no legal difference between a student using a computer in a lab vs a laptop at home. In both cases they are the school’s computer and they are responsible for its use or misuse.

The purpose of students taking them home was tracking homework use. As was seen on the clip, once the student saw the light go on – being watched – they got back to work. In a high stakes world of holding students accountable, this should be no shock. The laptop simply extends the learning environment from the classroom outward. It is naive to assume the accountability will not follow the laptop too.

Do I like this trend? Hell no. Do I think sending laptops home with kids violates public / private space. Yes, in much the same way as requiring the use of Facebook for high school and college classes does.

What would I tell my kids. First, that we will supply our own computer for homework. Second, if the laptop is required it will only be used for homework or school activities. Otherwise it will be turned off, unplugged, with tape put over the camera and mic.

Both teachers and students need to realize that just as Bush’s AG had to turn over all email correspondence the same can happen to them. Your assumption must be every email you send, every lesson plan or assignment you complete electronically, every online class you take, can be part of the public record. To assume otherwise is simply naive.

Welcome to the ugly side of Web 6.0.