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Physical Restraint in Schools

At issue: Should the handling of disruptive students be limited?

“There they go again” was stated recently over lunch discussing this bill. Many schools have the room of many names; recovery room, thinking room, reflection room, or the safe room. In non politically correct terms we’d just call it a kiddie jail.

At our elementary schools, I have seen pregnant teachers punched, teachers lunged at and thrown to the ground, SEA’s knocked down and then trampled on. Teachers have had to accept being slapped, hit, and even bitten by students in the line of duty of keeping their students safe.

So what would the politico idiots do when a child is so aggressive they are in danger to themselves, other students, and their teachers. Does Rep. Sondy Pope-Roberts think teachers should just ignore the chair flying toward the carpet because a child is having a melt down. What about the teacher who, instead of taking a child to the safe-room, is supposed to put an aggressive child in a care hold. In the process she is slapped, kicked, stomped on, and bitten. What would Rep, Pope Roberts do?

Let me take a step back. These kids, most with some special education label, are not monsters. They are wonderful kids who happen to have “moments”. Moments where they are out of control and are a danger to themselves, fellow students, and teachers.

It is at these moments where a “safe room” can be so important. The room is designed so the student can calm down in the safest way possible. It is an empty room with concrete walls, and a door that does not lock. In many ways the safe room, in these rare circumstances, is the least restrained environment. They can get their “rage out” without hurting themselves, fellow students, or teachers. Students getting their “rage out” in another context – classroom or hallway – would end with themselves, other students, or teachers being hurt.

One of the most important reasons for a safe room is teacher and SEA safety. The current bill would require a staff member to be in the room with the student. Let’s think this through. You have an out of control student who was throwing chairs in the classroom, going down the hallway s/he is hitting, kicking and biting the SEA, and then when the student is put in the safe-room, you want the SEA to be in there with him or her. Now this is something only a Politico Idiot would think of.

Lets end with one or more thought experiment. We have the student throwing chairs threatening to kill another student. The student begins biting, hitting, and kicking the SEA in the hallway. But now there is no safe room to take the student to. What will be the next step. There was a reason the Police lined up with teachers against this bill. They know that more and more of their resources and police time will be in elementary schools if this bill passes.