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The Trojan Horse Might Bite Back

Could Immigration Split the Tea Party?

Guest-hosting the Rachel Maddow Show, Chris Hayes asks, will the Tea Party movement rethink their politics as anti-immigrant activists attempt to join the party?

What frustrates me about liberals and progressives is how dumb they can be. Chris Hayes is really bad with this naivety especially on the immigration issue.

He clearly sees "immigration reform" as some sort of Trojan horse Obama can drive through the heart of the "Tea Party Movement". Hayes definitely sees those concerned with immigration on the right side of the political landscape.

I would argue picking up immigration reform will be the death of a Democratic majority. The Dems victory in 2006 – Bernie Sanders, Sherod Brown, Tester… – was to a large extent because of the economic populists. While they may take the left most plank on many economic issues, they can lean conservative on issues like immigration and abortion.

It has always been interesting to me how liberals get all upset when corporations outsource jobs, but then they defend a system of flooding the marketplace with "insourced labor". Both are two sides of the same coin of what Greenspan refers to as the equalization of the global labor.

I suggest Chris Hayes get his ass out of Washington and see how everyday Americans feel about this issue. I guarantee you this Trojan Horse will do much more damage to the Democrats than any silly Tea Party.