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My AT&T Nightmare

Back in February my internet with TDS was getting real slow. It was finally acknowledged they had a capacity problem, and for the short term I would be getting very slow internet – dial up speed.

I finally got pissed enough and ordered AT&T through the internet. The next day I went to cancel TDS and found out there would be a cancelling fee since my contract would not be up until March. They told me they’d give me a month free and I could move my service at the end of my contract. This seemed fair, so I called AT&T the next day and cancelled my order. I got a order cancellation email so I figured done deal. I was planning on giving them a call to start up service this month.

Then my nightmare started. A week later I get home with a message that AT&T installed service. I called the tech guy back and told him none was asked for. I called customer support and they acknowledged I cancelled service, and that install must not have received the message.

Well problem solved, right. Not quite. A week later a small box arrived in the mail from AT&T. I put it aside, and called customer support again. They acknowledged that my service was cancelled and the DSL contractor did not get the message. Again, problem solved.

Not so fast. I get a bill for roughly $130, so I call again. I again cancel my service and assume everything is fine. I week later a get a "last bill" for $130, so I call again. They credit me for the non existent months service, and ask if I was sent a DSL. I state I do have a box but I have not opened it. They instruct me to mail it back which will be followed by a credit for remainder. Easy Peasy.

The next weekend I mail it back and assume its finally over. A week ago I get a bill but don’t think anything of it because it might take awhile to get the credit. Today in the mail I find a collection notice from AT&T. WTC U SOB.

I call again. I always feel kind of bad because I am angry but those customer service folks appear so nice. Finally, I am told I will get a $90 credit for the $60 remaining, so a refund of $30. Hmm, i wonder if its over.

Now I just have to decide if I want to switch my internet to AT&T. Yea, right.