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I am thinking about blogging again, this time more of an intersection of proletarian culture and technology.  As of late, politics has been a rather depressing field. While there has been much to despair in the political realm, there have been rays of of hope in the technology realm.

I recently bought a Starling from System 76 and plan a review of sorts when it arrives. But till then a funny story, at least from my perspective, of an Acer Windows 7 laptop I bought my daughter for Marxmas.

Now, the machine was good enough – 3 Gb of ram, 64 bit processor – but I had forgotten how much crap they put on these things.  I must of spent a good two hours uninstalling crap. Why put office on if its only trial ware? Why put on Norton if its only good for 30 days.  You get the idea.

Well after putting on Chrome and a few other programs I installed a Windows version of Clam AV.  Ran a test and guess what, it caught a virus. Yes, there was a virus in Acer games on a brand new Windows 7 computer.

Windows 7, Great virus support, right out of the box. How bout that for their next ad.


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  1. Annie K.

    While I’m not sure I’d call that “funny” myself, yes they certainly do put a lot of crap on those things. I am also personally committed to Crap Removal and I’m pleased to say I don’t even have Word on my machine. Pretty goddam mavericky, eh?
    FYI – if you blog I may not understand it, but I’ll make every effort to. Unless you’re SO super-techy my head explodes.
    LOL @ Marxmas
    I had recently thought to try again also (my blog is currently on Bert Alert and in FEMA Lock-down ) I had gotten seduced by the election into “non-authentic” behavior and needed to get a colonic that reached clear up to my brain afterwards. (that was a little gross even for me)
    But I think I might like to stray back to my earlier purpose, which was to blog about Mutant Fish, Hating Christmas but loving cookies or other randomness while possibly delicately touching upon Politician Hate and The Coming Apocalypse as a kind of piquant Bloggy seasoning. So, you’ll do Technology, I’ll probably do Hate.
    Merry Friggin Christmas.

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