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SSHing Around

I have always wanted to use ssh on my network, but was too intimidated. Finally got around to it and it was much easier than I thought.  The video begins with me SSHing on my laptop to the desktop. I call it my mother-ship because its where the devices are located but my computing is from the laptop. As you can see its quite easy SSHing on to my desktop.

Lets say I am computing on my laptop but want to play music through my desktop speakers. Sure I could get up, walk 10 feet, but I am comfortable where I am sitting. The SShing worked as planned, the Rhythmbox on my desktop opened on my laptop with all my music. Now all I have to do is selct play, pretty cool.


2 responses to “SSHing Around

  1. Annie K.

    When I was young, I knew this guy. He liked electronics, and he liked fiddling with stuff. He also liked guns, and showed me his 357 magnum. I don’t really wanna think too much about any symbolism goin’ on there, but for the record let’s just say the gun stayed in it’s case..
    But anyways, I quickly realized that what the guy liked best of all in life was Not Moving 10 Feet. He had a couch (amazing, I know) and on the end table next to it was an arsenal of remotes. The lights, fan, I think his phone was on some kind of remote-speaker thing, if an object was electronic and was in his house (okay it wasn’t actually a “house” per se, more like a trailer, surprise again) then it had a remote for it.
    It was weird. Just sayin’…..

  2. Annie K.

    btw – sorry if it’s been too much silliness from me etc.*
    it’s nice you’re blogging again Nate
    Good Luck

    *for example, now that I’ve decided I will dial it back a bit, I think you’ll appreciate how I did NOT say “Nate! your blog has dandruff!”
    y’ know… like that

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