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9 Effing Hours

Very proud of my adopted Senator today. Obama are you listening. Most likely not, we know who your true base is. Go Bernie Go! Full 9 Hours.

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  1. Annie K.

    BTW Henry, I’m no political strategist but they have said they want Obama to “fail” or be sure not to get a second term and I wonder if the selective memories won’t come back to haunt during the elections. i.e. tho’ Boehner/Cantor?McConnell (the real president of the U.S.) are part and parcel of this deal, they’ll act like they aren’t, and point to Obama’s wanton adding to the debt. I dunno if I said that right, but..
    I’m now firmly wishing Hillary had won. Back at the time I hoped the Clinton economic machine would take over again, and holy crap wouldn’t THAT have been nice.. but everyone wanted this pseudo-religious Obama change crap. For awhile I even thought I’d been way wrong, that Obama was some kind of vast un-tapped potential that I just had failed to perceive, then the BP Thing. Holy crap.
    No problems here, lets’ go to the beach Michelle. Dude, you are SO obviously bought and paid for. If that’s “offensive” when said about “our first Black President” then whatevs. That’s just shadow racism anyways, like that Dem who said “we don’t wanna get mad at a Black Man” pfft. Tool.
    The real kind of Change Obama offers is the change from Bush who rode the law rough and hard and ruled as he (or Cheney) saw fit, everyone else be dammed, to a … I dunno, what is Obama? kind of like The National Host, or a Nervous Pastor’s Wife, smiling, offering coffee and cake, and drifting off to other parts of the room if he senses things might become contentious between any small groups of his guests. Al ot of people mistake that kind of behavior as “taking the High Road”, it isn’t, it’s just rationalized cowardice.
    In the end, Obama’s cake is a lie.

    • Yes, I feel slightly vindicated of my criticisms via 08. He is likable enough, but in many way Neo Bushian. More and more progressives are now seeing what I saw in him during the campaign. Give a speech making it appear as him criticizing free trade, when in fact he is arguing its expansion.

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