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Starling Arrives

Ubuntu Netbook Edition

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Well the Starling arrived but there were a few bumps. I booted up and everything was fine. I attempted to use a Linux Mint live usb and it would not boot.  I did some updates and personalizations and went to bed.

I woke up and the boot up screen said can’t find module and no OS found. Grrrrrrr. Now what happened, I was not  paying close attention during Grub personification.  I screwed up but what was more than frustrating was that various live USB’s would not work. These were live USB’s I had used recently, and one that was just downloaded.

Interestingly, neither Ubuntu nor Mint would even boot, but Ubuntu Netbook was able to. I was able to update it and chose Gnome as the default. I do not like the look, I do not like the feel of the Netbook edition. I do not like it Sam I Am. The first place I went to was Webupd8 to get everything updated the way I like it.

While I am enjoying the Starling, especially the keyboard, it still bothers me that the Live USBs would not boot.