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Movie and Recording Industry Promote Piracy

I know you would not think so with their Piracy is Stealing rhetoric. On the one hand they take individual pirates to court to stop piracy. Then they change the laws so even being suspected of piracy you could lose your internet for life. Yes, it seems the movie and record companies are doing everything in their power to shut the Pirates down.

But then there is this other side where they are so damn afraid something will get pirated that they make their own technology unusable. A few years back there were those Sony DVD‘s that would only work in players that could not decode the DVD. Well I had no desire to decode the movie, just watch it. yet nonetheless I was prohibited from watching the movie.

Just the other day I decided to subscribe to Netflix kind of knowing where the story would end. I tried to watch a movie which then directed me to the proprietary Silver-light.  I traded my. freedom for a chance to watch a movie, but that was not good enough. I was told I did not have the “Official Netflix OS”, or more or less the same thing. The line is, they won’t support Linux because of requirements by the industry. Most likely because Linux does not support DRM.

There is an ironic circle here isn’t there?. They need to limit the rights of the user to access their content though DRM so they will not pirate their content, while at the same time limiting users ability to access their content pushes them to pirate sites. I would much rather purchase content outright for a fair price but I am not permitted to do so. In fact, while I do anyways, its even illegal for me to watch movies on my computer’s DVD player. I of course am not given that opportunity.

So, the next time you hear the movie or recording industry complain about pirating tell them to stop promoting it with DRM technologies.